Terms and conditions of use

1. Terms

» Seller – Zenshop, s. r. o. - company registered in Slovak republic, EU member.
» Customer – private person or company which intents to buy or bought products on eshop.
» Goods – Goods or service available to order at eshop.
» Order – agreement between Seller and Customer to buy product on eshop

2. Order

Order is placed via eshop order process or via phone, fax or email.

3. Order Cancellation
a) Customer can cancel order until order is shipped.
(For cancellation after shipping see Right of renunciation).
b) Seller can cancel the order or it's part if customer placed order with incomplete or false information. Also Seller has right to cancel the order if goods are not available or wholesale price has been significantly changed. In this case Seller will inform Customer and negotiate about next step. If Customer already paid for canceled Goods – the money will be refund within 7 working days.
c) Seller has right to cancel order if Customer repeatedly cancels or renunciate orders. Such Customer might be set on Black list.

4. Right of Renunciation
Customer has Right to renunciation till 14 days starting day after he received the Goods. The Customer must inform Seller via eshop or email, or phone or fax.

Goods can not be broken, damaged or heavily used. The shipping costs are on Customer account, and at his own risks.

Seller has the right to refund only part of your purchase if this returns is in a state which does not allow Seller to resell it at the full price or not complete.

The Seller will refund money till 14 days to Customer (via bank transfer or paypal). Customer must provide valid payment information.

5. Goods Delivery

a) Goods will be shipped in shortest time according to stock availability. Goods on stock are usually shipped within 2 working days after order confirmation. If goods have to be ordered from suppliers, Seller will inform Customer about estimated delivery.

b) Shipping address is set by Customer. Prizes are exclusive shipping costs. After higher order total price shipping cost will be not charged. This higher order total price varies between shipping zones. Goods are delivered via Intime courier service and it's local partners and insured. Goods are delivered if confirmation is signed by Customer to Courier. The package will always include invoice in English language (except Slovakia and Czech republic).

c) If goods are delivered damaged Customer should immediately contact Seller to apply insurance from courier company and provide proof (such as photo). Damaged Goods will be then picked up by Courier company for investigation.

6. Payments

The payment method is chosen via Customer. Payments can be done via Paypal or Bank transfer. Cash on delivery is only available for Slovakia.

7. Warranty

The warranty is 24 months. The goods must be delivered clean and not mechanically damaged. The warranty is not valid if goods requires special care (such as fountains) and this was not provided by customer.
If warranty was not valid, Customer has to pay Seller for occurred costs.

8. Silver Goods

All Silver Goods are made from 925 Silver. Every piece of silver Good - it's quality is proofed by Slovak State Authorities and stamped by stamp mark.

9. Gemstones and Natural Materials

Gemstones, minerals (instead of artificial ones) and other natural materials (such as wood, bamboo, etc.) may have spots, uneven texture and color, inclusions or internal fractures. This is not considered as failure.

10. Feng Shui Disclaimer

Features mentioned by products are according to Feng Shui philosophy. The Seller can not be made responsible for proper use or treatment.